Encounters 2014-2016

Performed at the V&A Museum, in association wtih Arcola Theatre. June 28th 2014.

Written and Directed by Naia Headland-Vanni

Performed by: Dhaniella Mauger and Graham Mcgowan. 


 Performed at the Wardrobe Theatre, in association with Theatre West. 15th - 26th September 2015

Directed by Chris Loveless

Performed by: Kirsty Cox and Eoin Slattery 


'Till Death Do Us Part' (ii) (2013)


 [This] beautiful performance will make you laugh, cry, hate, love and question humanity. Not for the faint hearted...[SYS Theatre] take you by the hand and lead you through a masterpiece' Female Arts.


...Till Death do us part is ALMOST a love story. 


At the Camden Fringe 2013.


VenueThe foundry -  20th-22nd August.                   Tickets:   £10, £7 concessions.  

Evenings:  7:45pm - Tues-Thurs, 20th-22nd                Matinee: 3:30pm - 21st August.


'Till Death Do us part' (i) ( 2013) 

 Till Death do us part is ALMOST a love story. 


 Till Death Do us part (i) was performed as at the White Bear Theatre in March 2013 by,

Dhaniella Mauger, Graham Mcgowan and Sabina Cameron. 

Written by Naia Headland-Vanni.

Directed by Naia Headland-Vanni and Marie Sennyay. 



Waiting (2009 - 2010)

 -Written and directed by Naia Headland-Vanni.


 Great observational writing, fantastic soundtrack, humour - These guys have got it!! I would definitely recommend 'SYS Theatre' as an up and coming theatre company who should be closely watched."  Henley Fringe Review. 2010. 

Dhaniella and Laura, both disappointed with their lives, are forced to spend their time together...waiting for something better. They can not accept the reality of the present.  Their friendship lies solely within the memories of what happiness used to be for them. They are dressed to impress, yet the bar is empty.

- perhaps falling in love will help them to escape?


 Performed by: Dhaniella Mauger, Lauren Wigmore, Laura Perkins and Graham McGowan

 Performed at:  The Henley Fringe Festival - Henley, London and New York City. 


Cigarettes and Excuses (2007-2008)



A Touring Production, Performed by: Dhaniella Mauger, Robert Redmer, Iara Solano, Claudia Daufratshofer, Laura Perkins


 Cigarettes and Excuses explores the phenomena behind our obsession with forcing love upon ourselves. The setting is a run down singles bar and the situation is desperate. 


See the girl who replaces reality with romantic narratives she can never live up to, the man who will dampen your hopes with his truth, the eyes that betray us when we say we are happy and the lies we don't think twice about telling. 


SYS Theatre have been exploring the ideas and expectat

ions of modern dating rituals. We have explored mediums such as internet dating, blind dating and speed dating in order to compile research material. We immersed ourselves into the repetetive pursuit of LOVE and discovered for ourselves just how easily you can find someone. Although not neccesarily "the one".


69 Wedmore Gardens

                "I want the Fairy Tale"






 Previewed June 2012                        




...(In development)