When Love Falls.

Dance-Theatre film by SYS Theatre. 



 Performed by Dhaniella Mauger and Oliver Brown.


 Devised and produced by Naia Headland-Vanni


 Director/Editor - Eddie Saint Jean 

Original music - 'A way back out' By Esme Squallor

















four by four


Four up and coming film directors from four different corners of London are producing four short films with Olympic themes. The 4 four shorts = one feature film. Inevitably with the Olympics coming to the capital in 2012 the sporting event binds all four films with the passing of a symbolic baton. Watch out for 4 By 4 in 2012

DIRECTORS: Naia Headland-Vanni (West London), Eddie Saint-Jean (East London) Robert Reina (South London) Alex Goddard (North London)


Colour vision (April 2011)


A film by Eddie Saint-Jean

Written, directed and edited by Eddie Saint-Jean.

Actors: Lauren Wigmore & Tapiwa Madovi

Acting coach: Naia Headland-Vanni

Make up artist: Magdalena Spreger




Away from Islington


September 2011

 25 minute episode drama 'Away from Islington'

-This film focuses on the repercussions of one woman, (Sophia's), choice to leave the familiar surroundings and cocktail bars of Islington, in favor of the only bar in West Acton - to meet her date for the night .  When the office looser, Julie, appears unexpectedly in the same bar - Sophia feels her life is falling apart. When she finds out that Julie has also invited a guest (The unsuspecting wife of her lover) things can only go from bad to worse. She is forced to play by all the rules of julie's manipulative games and to endure a traumatic, night from Hell with these two women, Wishing all the while she had stayed in the safety of Islington.

In post-production stages.

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