SYS are delighted to be in collaboration with BrisTALES, a bi-monthly platform designed for new writers to have their work performed by professional actors, in front of an audience at the White Bear Theatre in Cotham. 

Set-up by Sam Coughlin in 2016, BrisTALES has ran to great success. Tickets have often sold-out for these, offering writers a strong audience and the chance to receive feedback. 

We are accepting any texts which are adaptable to stage, with a running time of 10 minutes maximum.  You don't have to be based in the Bristol, but you do need to be able to attend the evening.  Priority will be given to those able to attend.  

If you would like to submit your work, please email us at



Film Festival SYS 2015

Thank you to all who were involved in making our eight film festival such a wonderful evening - and for all of the positive and encouraging feed back.

We are extremely proud of all the films we were able to present.  


Film festival SYS takes place quarterly at the Winchester in Islington. 

# 2 Essex Road, Islington, N1 8LN.

Entry is just £4.

7:30pm - Friendly drinks

8 pm - Film Screenings



Molly Brown - 'How to Eat with ChopSticks', Justyna Maluchnik - 'The Freedom Project',
John Vedadi - 'A Winters Mirage', Joshua Westbury - 'We Can Get You Some Really Cheap Gear', Alisa - 'George', Ines Bermejo - 'Des Vertigo', 

Owen Tooth - 'The pack'. Emma Stickland - 'Twilight ReTweeted'. Peter Davies - 'I am what I am.' Molly Brown - 'When Tickling Goes Wrong' 'Reflection of Love. Howard Cohen - 'Something for the Wickend'.  Gregory Metcalfe - '10'. Agata Wasiewska - ' Pole Dancing'
Eddie Saint Jean - 'The History of Annabel Ray'.

 Angel Tirado/Tarkemoto – ‘DERIVA’ (Trans – ‘Adrift’), Graham Rathlin - 'THE MONEY SHOT', Laith Sami ' EARLY BIRD', Nathan Cook - 'PERSONALITY AID', Eddie Saint-Jean/Argentum Films - 'COLOURVISION', NaiaHeadland-Vanni/Smoke yourself Slim - 'WHEN LOVE FALLS', Howard Cohen/ The Jelly Moustache - 'CUNTV' & 'MUGGISH', Ed Dallal - 
 'VOICES', Mason Heidger/Whacafan Productions - ' A YOU TUBE VIDEO', Micheal St John Sawa - 'STILL WATERS RUN DEEP', Gregory Metcalfe - '10' Liz Heery - 'Beached', Paulina Vassileva - 'Your Shout', Marcus Parker-Wood - 'Unconventional'

Thank you Lucille Richardson for the amazing photographs, Dominique Maynard for her incredible design work, and Daniel Carlisle for his Djing. We really appreciate your support and talent! (And, naturally, all of the brilliant artists involved) x



As Often as possible, SYS Theatre open up our production space to new Writers and Actors providing them with an opportunity to have their work produced and their talents seen. 

This March we will be presenting the work of Sophie Porter, a young writer currently studying 'Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media' at Central School of Speech and Drama. Her short piece, 'I just didn't think' will be performed by Laura Gabriella Perkins and Claudia Daufratshofer and Directed by Naia Headland-Vanni - at the White Bear theatre on the 11th March. 19:30. 


 Boogaloo, Highgate. Helping to promote emerging artists across London. 

 These nights at the Boogaloo take place on the second Sunday of every month.  

If you would like to be a part of the Stereo Candy, Bugaloo line up, send your information to Laura perkins at 



Dhaniella Mauger.


 Chelsea Perkins:




A/1 Trooper.


Alessana Ines.



The party is Dead (Long Live the Party!!) 

March 2008 at Juno, Shoreditch

What is a Happening? A game, an adventure, a number of activities engaged in by participants for the sake of playing.”
–Allan Kaprow